Carrie Branch with the elusive mountain chickadee
Taking birds out of a mistnet – an effective way to trap birds without harming them. Left to right: Vladimir Pravosudov, Carrie Branch
The mountain chickadee team banding chicks during the breeding season. Left to right: Carrie Branch, Lauren Benedict, Ben Sonnenberg

Hello and Welcome!

The Branch Lab is housed at The University of Western Ontario and part of the Advanced Facility for Avian Research and Center for Animals on the Move.

Advanced Facility for Avian Research at the University of Western Ontario

Research in the Branch Lab aims to understand how environmental variation shapes behavior, particularly in avian systems. We are interested in how communication signals evolve to convey information.

Along with talented collaborators, we investigate cognitive variation associated with environmental heterogeneity and the contribution of female mating choices to maintaining cognitive adaptation. See Research tab for more in-depth information about ongoing projects!

Does this work sound interesting? Highly motivated prospective graduate students should contact Carrie Branch via email at cbranch6 at uwo.ca. Students working in the Branch Lab can study in Department of Psychology or Biology.

University of Western Ontario, London ON